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Apartment Cleaning Kansas City

Convenient Apartment Cleaning Services

Let’s face it. After a long day of work, or during your days off, sometimes all you want to do is lounge about on the couch. If you haven’t had time to consistently clean your apartment, those piles of various things begin to show up everywhere.

Suddenly, you have a daunting cleaning task on your hands! Don’t even get us started on the deep cleaning that’s required when moving out. If your final clean isn’t done up to the standards of the lease, you could lose your deposit and have additional fees added on top.

Integrity Services KC wants to be in your corner when you just need a high quality and convenient clean. We can keep your apartment clean, help you stay organized, and ensure your pets are well taken care of while you’re away.

Choose The Help You Need

Our apartment cleaning services can help you save valuable time, and are customized to your needs. Need your bathroom and kitchen cleaned, but want to handle the living room and bedroom yourself? That’s fine. Do you need just your living room tidied up on a weekly basis? That’s great too! Do you need the whole nine yards when it comes to your apartment? You’re in good hands!

With Integrity Services KC, you can customize the cleaning you need, and when you need it. Once you leave during the day, you can rest assured knowing that you will be welcomed by a clean and comfortable apartment home.

Move-Out Cleaning

move out cleaning carpet“Oh I just love moving!” is a phrase rarely uttered by anyone. One of the most dreaded parts about moving out is the amount of deep cleaning required for the now vacant rooms. We want to help you make your apartment look even better than before you first moved in. We’ll help you pack up, clean your apartment, and even help you unpack and organize your things once you’re in your new home. Have a look at our move-out checklist below:

Move Out Checklist

  • Vacuum the carpets
  • Clean bathtub and toilets
  • Pack up and remove personal items
  • Clean all trash from the apartment
  • Dust all areas of the apartment
  • Remove wall nails and tacks
  • Scrub shower and bathtub
  • Scrub toilets and sinks
  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Sweep the floors and vacuum afterwards
  • Clean all countertops in the apartment
  • Clean all kitchen appliances
  • Check for carpet stains and clean them
  • Clean inside kitchen appliances like refrigerator and stove
  • Inspect the apartment for a job well done!

Ready for your convenient clean?

Integrity Services KC wants to help make life easier. Simply complete our quick and easy free estimate form, or call us at 913-730-0552. Our apartment cleaning services are designed to fit your needs. Call us for a one time clean, repeat cleaning, or individual rooms, cleaned when and how you need them to be.

Say hello to comfort. Explore and enjoy the benefits of a professional cleaning company taking care of your apartment with integrity and care. We would love to help you maintain a pristine, worry-free, and convenient clean.


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